Naked Studio is an agile studio focusing on a global approach. We commit ourselves to find creative, unique, and strategic solutions. We sincerely care about the proximity with our clients and collaborators throughout the creative thinking.

Naked Studio is a new world creative agency challenging brands to go further. We work somewhere between sophistication and simplicity. Let's find out.


Gabriele Porta

Art Director

Art Director and Digital Designer, he worked for several agency both in Italy and in the UK where he specialized as film maker and video editor. In Naked Studio he brings high quality with a low-fi approach. His favourite specialties are art direction, branding, motion graphics, video and photography.

Trini Testi

Art Director

Italian - Spanish, Trini is a multi-disciplinary Creative and Designer, she has worked with an international client base in different areas of the globe. Through years of graphic design and new media, she has acquired valuable experience both in digital and print design. She brings an entrepreneurial global mindset to Naked Studio. Her favourite specialties are art direction, branding, social media and communication.


Branding - Digital - Video - Print